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County Coach : Eric Pelling




MENS COUNTY COACH- Eric Pelling. Tel.0208 882 3803

LADIES COUNTY COACH-Stella GoughTel.0208 8933 9358 email

EBCS Contacts-

DIRECTOR OF COACHING -Vic Waite. Tel.01189402334

SEC.—Carol Watt-SullivanTel.020 8650 7424 email-carol


Is there a need for coaching?


The answer is yes, for the initial introduction to the game and to instil good practice and habits in the way the game is played.


Some of the main areas of coaching that can be taught are:-


           1. A beginner’s course taking a new bowler through a comprehensive syllabus to

           get them started in the sport of bowls.

           2. Delivery clinics with or without the use of a video camera for all levels of bowlers.

3. Head reading for Pairs, Triples and Rinks, using two exercises called “Freezing the Head and the “Phantom Four” these exercises help bond rinks and to understand each other.


We are at present running courses for “would be “coaches twice a year. Foundation Level 1 and Club Coach Level 2 are being held at Century IBC during the months of March/April and September/October.


We are anxious to progress the coaching throughout the County and at present we are looking to run refresher courses for Level 1 and Level 2 coaches.

We are also starting to run courses on Sunday mornings for Level 2 coaches who wish to progress their coaching skills to Level 3 Senior Coach these are at Bramley Road, Cockfosters where there is a two rink Council facility.


We give Coaching Days to all affiliated clubs throughout the County during the early summer months, the day consists:-

           1. Video recording.

           2. Clinic

           3. “Freezing the Head”

4.  “Phantom Four”

5. Purposeful Practice.

           6. Target Bowls.

The ideal number to attend is 24 people starting at until 3.30pm.

If interested please apply to the County Coach for an application form.


Club secretaries can apply for any member of their club wishing to take the course by contacting the County Coach for and application form

There is an alternative coaching course run by Bowls England and the EIBA Ltd

through the Bowls development Alliance details of which are on their website