AGM Minutes

To : All Affiliated Indoor Clubs, all GPC members and club delegates.


held on Friday 17th June 2016 commencing at 8.05 pm at

Century Bowling & Sports Club, 51-53 Logan Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 8PY.

(a) Apologies for absence had been received from Eric Pelling, Geoff Salter, Maurice Tate, Vic Mould and Ron Searle.

(b) The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, having been previously circulated and no comments having been received, they were approved and signed by the President


(c) There were no matters arising from those Minutes.

(d) The Secretary read his report, which was duly accepted and adopted.

(e) The President read his report, which was duly accepted and adopted.

(f) The Treasurer read his report and the audited accounts for the year ended 30th April 2016 were circulated. The Association was noted as continuing to be in a healthy situation. Tony Paulley proposed and Andy Knott seconded their adoption which was duly carried.

(g) IT WAS AGREED that the Constitution, Rules and Objectives, including Competition and League rules be amended thus:-

[i] The appointment of Vic Mould as an Honorary Life Member of the association

[ii] To confirm that all Competitions and the League will remain at the full length, at least until the end of the EIBA trials.

[iii] To amend the League Rule 4.b. with the venue “to be at Century IBC in memory of Tony Garcia.” Both finalists…..

[iv] To amend the Competition Rule 5 by adding “The area finals (competition semi-finals) shall be played at a neutral venue (unless both teams are from the same club, when they may play at that club), to be assisted by the Competitions Secretary in organising

(h) It was agreed that for the next relevant year/season

[i] Subscription (Club Affiliation Fee) remain at £30.00 per club

[ii] The Capitation Fee per male member registered at 31st December with each club, remain at £0.55.

[iii] The Match Fees remain at £12.00 unless dining costs increase

[iv] The Coach Fees remain at £0.00 per player.

[v] The League Fees increase from £20.00 to £25.00.

[vi] The Competition Fees for the season commencing September 2017 increase from £3.25 per competition to that charged by the EIBA for that season

[vii] Associate Members fee to remain at £5.00 pa.

(i) The Election of Executive Officers took place:-

President Andy Docker

Senior Deputy President No Nominations

Junior Deputy President No Nominations

Secretary Godfrey Sheldon

Treasurer Brian Tatch

Assistant Secretary No Nominations

Match and Fixture Secretary Andy Knott

Tour Secretary Andy Docker

Team Manager Tony Paulley

Competition Secretary Maurice Tate

(j) The Election of two other members to the General Purposes Committee was for:-

1 Geoff Salter

2 Eric Pelling

The Child Protection Officer remains Eric Pelling

(k) The Election of two Hon. Auditors was for Andy Docker and Geoff Salter

(l) The Election of two members to the League Committee was for Geoff Salter and Maurice Tate.

(m) The Election of one member of the League Committee as League Secretary was for Geoff Salter

(n) All matches other than Wiltshire had been arranged for next year. Competition entries were in and the draw would be arranged shortly. Proposals for amendment of the League format will be made at next year’s AGM. The team manager’s report was received for posting on the web site. The coaching progress was noted

(o) It was agreed that the date of the next AGM be on Friday 23rd June 2017 at 8:00 pm at Century IBC

PGS Draft/22/6/16