Presidents Report at AGM

Presidents Report  2015/16:

It was an honour to serve a MCIBA President although tinged with sadness that the Club which nominated me, Mansfield IBC, is no longer in existence.

Although we did not have a winning season, it was an enjoyable one.

Progression is being made year on year with our competiveness increasing with the Liberty Trophy and with another home draw next season against Sussex, we may have a chance of getting through the first round for the first time in many a year.

A bye with a home draw against Surrey in the Over 60's could also see a good run again.

I must thank all of the Officers for their support and the Members for playing during the season.

In the absence of anyone wanting to hold the Presidents position, I am prepared to fill the role for the at least the next two years and have therefore made arrangements for the 2017 and 2018 tours.

Once again I thank everyone involved with MCIBA and look forward to their continued support.

Andy Docker