Treasurers Report and Accounts

Middlesex County Indoor Bowling Association

Hon Treasurers report for the Year ending 30 April 2016

I have pleasure in reporting on the Associations financial affairs for the year ending 30 April 2016.

Having regard to the changes in the Associations finances since the establishment of the Patrons, the practice of keeping a separate record of Patrons affairs within the MCIBA Accounts has been discontinued and all items are now included within the general figures. The comparative figures for last year in this years Accounts have been adjusted to take account of this change. Similarly it is no longer considered necessary to maintain a specific Tour Reserve within the Accounts and this will simply form part of the general fund in future years.

Copies of the Accounts have been distributed. These were prepared prior to them being signed by the Auditors but I can confirm that signed copies are held within the Associations official records.

Expenditure continues to exceed income and the resulting deficit is readily absorbed by the current level of reserves maintained by the Association. It is not considered appropriate at this time to cut back on our activities or to increase the charges made to Clubs and members for the various services provided.

Two particular items account for a substantial part of the deficit. The first of these is the purchase during the year of additional stocks of County shirts our share of which was £841.80 as shown in the Expenditure. This sum is written off in full for accounting purposes, and any resulting shirt sales from this stock will be taken into account as income items in the year of sale. The second major item is the expenditure incurred by Officers of the Association in carrying out their duties and reimbursed to them. Much of this relates to gifts for the President to present to various different people after Matches.

No changes are proposed for any of the fees and charges this year. Due to an oversight the League entry fee for this year remained at £20 rather than the £25 reported at the 2015 AGM and the revised figure will be introduced for the coming year.

Brian Tatch 11 June 2016

Hon. Treasurer

Income and Expenditure Account y/e 30/4/16

Balance Sheet at 30/4/16