Team Manager's Report

MCIBA Team Managers 2015-16 Report

I am pleased to report the 2015-16 season was one where we continued to make good progress in all competitions.

We are now compiling a strong squad of players, and the team spirit is good. That, in my opinion, will form the basis, for future success.

LIBERTY TROPHY  Middx. 115 - Kent 124. This proved to be a very exciting match with MCIBA leading the match at the 19th end, but were sadly unable to finish the match off. Congratulations to Kent CIBA who then progressed to become the Winners of the 2015-16 Liberty Trophy. However, we all agree it was a moral victory for the MCIBA.

In the 2016-17 Liberty Trophy we are drawn at Home to Sussex CIBA on 26th November 2016.

HOME COUNTIES LEAGUE FINAL  Middlesex 83 -  Kent 147. Following excellent wins over Hertfordshire and Surrey CIBA, we deservedly reached the finals only to lose on all 6 rinks to a very strong Kent side. Due to the end of season fixture congestion we were forced into making 11 changes for this important match. By winning the final Kent CIBA completed an excellent 2015-16 season double.

EIBA MENS OVER 60'S  Middx. 110 - Essex 116. Another very close match that we could easily have won. A great effort and huge improvement from our poor performance against Kent last year. This is a competition I believe we have the potential to do well in.

2016-17 we are drawn at Home to Surrey CIBA on 22nd November 2016

Finally, my special thanks to all the players who have represented MCIBA during the season. It has been a pleasure working with you all. I also wish to thank my fellow selectors, Andy Knott and Ernie Rudston for their valuable help and guidance throughout the season, and our match day support team of Eric Prior and Godfrey Sheldon. Well done and keep up the good work.

Hoping for, and looking forward to an excellent 2016-17 indoor season

Yours in Bowls,

Tony Paulley

MCIBA Team Manager

17th June 2016