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Welcome to the website of the Middlesex County Indoor Bowling Association.

We aim to provide competitive indoor bowling within the County and against other Counties, as well as being a source of information to interested parties.

For more detailed information, please browse the various pages on the website, and/or contact the relevant county officer.

Wishing all happy and competitive bowling.

Latest News:
EIBA postpone AGM due for Saturday 16th May 2020
Sport England have uploaded to their website, in the section named 'Club Matters' the latest Coronavirus information in order to help Clubs functioning during the present crisis without leaving home and may be of use to our indoor Clubs.
Club Matters provides free, convenient, practical resources to help organisations develop, grow and become more sustainable.
A series of dedicated Coronavirus resources and toolkits are available now to support Clubs - from fundraising and business continuity to operating Committees virtually.
To visit Club Matters please use the following link:
Middlesex Competitions 2020/21 Entries: 
Due to the present Covid-19 situation and with all Clubs closed the entry date for next seasons County Competitions will now be the 14th October 2020.
This will obviously put some pressure on Club Administrators at the beginning of next season but MCIBA obviously wish to give all those wishing to enter the competitions every chance to do so.
The entry forms can be downloaded from the Competitions section of this website and the draws are scheduled to take place at the re-arranged County Finals on the 17th October at Herga.
Over the past couple of days both the EIBA and BE have issued statements on Business/Financial (possible) support for Clubs
EIBA Business Support Statement 31/03/20          BE Business Support Statement 31/03/20
BDA newsletter April 2020
Over the past week there have been a lot of statements and information relayed from various Associations and 'Bowls Bodies', which do take time to digest and deciede relevancy as opposed to duplication and you may find of relevance to you at either Club or Individual level (or both).
Please find below links to all of the relevant statements that have been released since 19/03/20
Statement from Middlesex Bowling Association
Statement from the Home Counties Bowling Association
Statement from the London Irish Bowling Association
EIBA Office Update 25/03/20
EIBA Competitons Update 20/03/20
Statement from Friends of English Bowling 23/03/20
BDA Satement 24/03/20
Bowls England Covid-19 FAQ's No1 20/03/20
Coach Bowls Covid-19 FAQ's No1 25/03/20
Hopefully going forward MCIBA will be in a position to publish any new statements/information within 24 hours of release.
Message from the President:
Firstly let me apologise for the lateness in updating the website and for this announcement.
A number of issues have arisen over the past week and I now find time after addressing all of these issues.
The season, as we know it is now over with our last ICF against Northants, due to be on the 1st April at Northampton and District IBC, being cancelled.
The County Competitions have now been postponed till October with the Finals now being held on Saturday 17th October (again at Herga IBC).
We are awaiting on the EIBA as to any extension on dates for National Competitions which may then lead to an alteration of dates for games to be played.
If there is a clash the date of the County Finals can be reviewed.
Any Semi-Finals that are outstanding now have a round closing date of the 10th October.
The Middlesex League has also been postponed till October.
With no disrespect to other Clubs, the League Table would suggest that Bounds Green and Hounslow are the only two Clubs in contention, we would ask that this game is played before the 7th October when next season starts. Dependant upon the result of this match there may be a necessity for the Glebelands against Hounslow match to be played but this can be dealt with in October.
Middlesex League as of 18/03/20
Our understanding that the Clubs in Middlesex are as follows, Glebelands and Herga have shut down, Cambridge Park, Century, Bounds Green, Hounslow, The Lawns and Paddington have cancelled all leagues, matches and competitions.
With regard to the Coronavirus situation, the EIBA issued the following update on Friday 13th March
PDF Version 
and another update yesterday (18/03/20)
PDF Version
Coach Bowls also issued a statement on 16/03/20 cancelling all forthcoming courses
PDF Version        
Yesterday Bows England released the following statement basically cancelling the National Championships and any bowls during May and July.
BE Statement 18/03/20
The closing dates for next years County and National Competition Entries are set for 1st May and 10th May respectively.
We await the outcome of the EIBA Board Meeting to see if there will be an extension to the Nationals and the County will review during the course of the next few weeks to allow Clubs to ensure all those that want to enter can.
The County entry forms can be downloaded from the website under the Competitions section.
Below are downloadable versions of the EIBA Forms A-E (in PDF format) in case this assists any Club Administrators
Form A          Form B          Form C          Form D          Form E
A lot of information, if anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Updates and further information will continue to be posted on our Facebook page and obviously website.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Members of Middlesex for supporting the County matches and competitions.
My thanks also go to the hardworking Officers and Committee that keep the Association going.
Well that's it for 2019/20, enjoy your summer (what there will be of it we currently do not know) and we look forward to seeing you in October for the 2020/21 season which sees MCIBA celebrate its 50th Year.
Take Care and Stay Safe.
Andy Docker
Middlesex County Indoor Bowling Association
2021 Presidents Tour announced
Competition sheets updated to Semi-Final stages
EIBA isssue Coronavrus statement
2020/2021 Competition Entry Forms are now available in the Competitions Section
Next year sees the Men's Singles as an 'open to all' competition rather than limited to four places per Club
Also, as requested, a Mixed Fours Competition will be trialled
Changes in Memebrship of The Lawns (Enfield) IBC benefit exsisting and new Members
Middlesex League Table updated (to 23/02/20)
Middlesex Duo claim Bowls England Bowler of the Year Awards
Competition Sheets updated to end of Round 2
Middlesex defeat Hampshire in penultimate match of ICF season
Match Report     Rinks & Scores
Middlesex President Honoured by EIBA
Surrey too strong for Middlesex in Inter-County Friendly
Match Report     Rinks & Scores
Middlesex still looking for first Inter-County Friendly win of 2020
Match Report     Rinks & Scores  
Middlesex conclude competitive season fixtures with good victory over Herts but bow out of Home Counties League
Middlesex humbled by Essex in first ICF of 2020
Match Report     Rinks & Scores
Middlesex suffer defeat in opening Home Counties Leage game against Berkshire.
Middlesex beaten heavily by Hampshire in Liberty Trophy
Middlesex side decimated by illness beaten by Sussex in last ICF of 2019
Match Report     Rinks & Scores
Middlesex gain first ICF victory of the season and take 22 shot advantage to Northampton in April
Match Report     Rink & Scores
Essex too strong for Middlesex in Over 60's Liberty
Late Berkshire comback means defeat for Middlesex in second Inter-County Friendly match
Match Report     Rinks & Scores
Middlesex suffer heavy defeat in first Inter-County Friendly against Kent
Match Report     Rinks & Scores
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