Competition Rules

As amended AGM 2014/2016/2019

1.       The Middlesex County Indoor Bowling Association shall organise:

         (a) a pairs competition for which each Club may nominate any number of pairs. The winners to receive the Nunn/Seidel shield.

         (b) a triples competition, the winners to hold the Eddie Greig Shield for one year, the runners up to receive the Les Southwood Cup.

         (c) the fours competition: winners to represent Middlesex C.I.B.A. in the top fours competition organised by the Home Counties Indoor Bowling Association, and to hold The Parkins/Walford Shield for one year, the runners-up to receive the Frank Bailey Cup.

         (d) a Singles competition for which each affiliated club may enter 4 players as follows :-

  1.                                                     i.          The 4 players entered by any club shall be club entries which the club must offer in the first instance to the 4 semi-finalists of their own most recent club  singles competition
  2.                                                   ii.          Any such qualifying semi-finalist does not carry with him the right to ply in the County Singles Competition if he moves to another club
  3.                                                 iii.          In the event that one or more of their semi-finalists would no longer be playing for that club during the season of the County’s Singles Competition, should not wish to enter for it or not be available to play, the club will be allowed to nominate a player or players to take the place of such semi-finalists, from amongst those who had played in their own qualifying singles competition
  4.                                                 iv.          the winner shall hold the Harry Bradstock Cup for one year and shall represent Middlesex in the Champion of Champions competition organised by the Home Counties Indoor Bowling Association.

         (e) An under 31 competition open to members under the age of 31 at 1st October of the relevant season.

As from the 2020/2021 season this will be revised to that the Singles Competition will be open to all Club affilliated Male Members and that a Club may nominate any number of entries.


2.       The competitions are limited to full playing members of Clubs affiliated to the Middlesex County Indoor Bowling Association. Age limits will conform to the EIBA, rules. No player shall be included in more than one team in either triples or fours or represent more than one Club in any one season. Each team entering pairs, triples or fours must consist of players of one Club. No player may enter another County's competitions in the same season. County and EIBA competitions may only be played by players of one Club.


3.       Entries shall only be accepted when submitted by Club Secretaries (together with appropriate fees) on behalf of Club Committees and on the understanding that facilities to play will be provided when their players are drawn at home, in accordance with the instructions on the entry forms.


4.       Entries to be divided into areas, the allocation of which shall be arranged by the Competition sub-committee.


5.       The competitions shall be held by mutually agreed arrangements on or prior to the closing date of the round. The challenger shall offer his opponent two dates.  Green fees shall be equally shared by the competitors. The area finals (competition semi-finals) shall be played on a neutral venue (unless both teams are from the same club, when they may play at that club), to be assisted by the Competitions Secretary in organising. 


6.       The competitions shall be played on the knockout principle and conform to the Laws of the Game laid down by the WIBC as amended by the EIBA, ignoring the trial reduction in ends.


7.    All questions and disputes shall be referred to the Competition sub-committee and if necessary to the Emergency Committee of the Middlesex County Indoor Bowling Association. The Honorary Competition Secretary shall have the sole discretion in the matter of agreeing requests for extensions to the closing dates of each round.


8.    Results of games (namely scorecards showing the names of all players and clubs, signed by both skips) must be forwarded to the Competition Secretary by first class mail within 24 hours of the completion of the match


9.    Substitutes   are   allowed  in   accordance   with    EIBA   National Championship Rules.


10.  County blazer badges will be awarded to the finalists of either competition, provided the player concerned has played throughout the competition.


11.   All matches/games played under the MCIBA Competitions shall be subject to a four (4) hour time limit after the trial ends.