League Rules


1.         The MCIBA Inter Club League

The MCIBA Inter Club League (the League) shall be open for each affiliated club to submit one entry in each season. A club’s entry and fee in any season shall be submitted to the Hon Treasurer together with its Annual Capitation Fee in October of the year in which the season commences and not later than 15th November of that year. The Hon Treasurer will recommend the entry fee for the year annually to the GPC and take it to the AGM for ratification. The winner of the League Final will be declared as the holder of the Tony Garcia Trophy  for one year, although the Trophy itself will be retained by the County who will arrange for it to be engraved appropriately.


2.         Administration         

The League shall be administered by a League Secretary elected/appointed annually at the AGM and who shall be assisted if required by the Competition Secretary or such other person as shall be appointed at the AGM or co-opted by the GPC as required. All communications to the League Secretary shall be effected through clubs’ nominated League Representatives.


3.         Divisions        

The League shall consist of One Division. The club with the highest number of points over the season shall be the winner and the next best shall be the runner-up. In the event of 2 clubs ending level on points, the club with the higher shot difference shall be the relevant winner. Such matches between clubs shall be arranged to be played between the beginning of October and the end of March following.

The Winner and the Runner-Up will be awarded a county plaque to mark their achievement which will be listed in the County Records.

4.         Dates              

The dates for playing the matches shall be mutually agreed between clubs and notified to the League Secretary by 1st September in each year prior to the start of the indoor season. No fixture shall be arranged for a date and time which clashes with a Fixed Date National Competition. It is envisaged that matches will be played on a week-end morning, but by mutual consent a fixture may be arranged for some other day and time provided that the requirements of Rule 6 are met.


5.         Rules              

Except where these Rules provide otherwise, all fixtures shall be played under relevant EIBA rules (ignoring any reduction in ends being trialed) current for the time being and shall have a 4 hour time limit, neither trial ends nor extra ends being included; any end started within the 4 hour limit shall be completed. Any matter which arises but which is not covered by these Rules or those of the EIBA and which cannot be resolved by agreement of the opposing clubs/skips etc at the time, shall be dealt with as a dispute under Rule 11.


6.         Club sides      

Each club shall be represented in each match by a side of four rinks playing simultaneously, two of which will play at their home club and two away at their opponent’s club. No player may represent more than one club during any season.  Except as provided in Rule 13 below, rink fees shall be on a reciprocal basis, that is to say, each club will be responsible for payment of all rink fees at its own home venue.


7.         Players’ dress                        

Dress for players shall be white trousers and shoes together with either [i] white shirt and club tie, or [ii] approved coloured club shirt.


8.         Match details            

             [a]  The home side at each venue will select the 2 rinks to be used at its own venue.

            [b]  No umpire is required but if an umpire is appointed at any match, then all the above shall be undertaken in his presence.


9.       Scoring          

In any match there shall be 8 points available. One point shall be awarded to the club which wins the greater number of shots on each rink, and if tied the point shall be shared. The club gaining the greater number of shots in aggregate over the 4 rinks will be awarded 4 additional points; in the event of a tie on aggregate shots, the additional points will be shared and no tie breaking extra ends are required.


10.       Match results        

The League Secretary shall be notified of the result by telephone immediately after the match and both clubs shall confirm to him by first class post or email within 48 hours of its completion. Failure to notify shall be treated as a dispute under Rule 11.


11.       Disputes etc               

In the event of a dispute, any game or match in progress shall be completed as if no dispute or protest had arisen and the League Secretary informed of the circumstances immediately after the match. The League Secretary, if he feels competent to make a decision shall do so, or alternatively confer with the Competition Secretary and the Match Secretary  (or  two other officers of the Association) in order to reach a decision and deliver it to the disputants without delay. Decisions under Rule 11 may, among other things, include award or deduction of shots and/or points and shall be final.


12.       Postponed matches   

As soon as they are aware that a match must be postponed a club or clubs shall advise the League Secretary and within two weeks arrange a new date for the match. Failure to re-arrange shall be treated as a dispute under Rule 11.


13.       Unfulfilled fixtures   

            [a]        Subject only to sub-clause [b] of this Rule, if a club fails to fulfil an agreed fixture, it shall become liable for all rink fees for that fixture at its opponent’s venue and it will play no further part in the League for that season.  In addition, all its previous matches during the season will be declared null and void and all shots and points awarded to the club and its opponent clubs for those matches shall also be voided.  

            [b]        If two clubs involved in a fixture have no chance of finishing as Winner or Runner-up in their Division, and if the League Secretary, at the request of both of them, gives his consent, then they may without penalty mutually agree not to play their fixture.


14.       Rule changes              Changes to these rules shall only be made by prior agreement of the GPC who shall propose the change for adoption at an Annual or Special General Meeting of the Association.


As ratified at the 2014, 2016 and 2017 AGM.