County Umpires

                                                 Vic Perry1

   English Bowls Umpires Association                                     

                                             Middlesex County Coordinator

           World  Bowls  International  Technical  Official  (ITO) &  National Examiner

                             Vic Perry   52 Crest Gdns, Ruislip Middlesex HA4 9HD

                              020 8841 8532     E-mail:  [email protected]


                                                                   Revised List of Umpires    2017-18


If you require an Umpire for your National, County, Association  Competitions,  Open Tournaments or Club Finals please contact the County Co-ordinator. 

 If you would like to arrange a Club Markers course for your club contact the County

Co-ordinator. If you are interested in becoming an Umpire or an E.B.U.A. Marker contact the County Co-ordinator.


                                                  Middlesex County Co-ordinator

                                                     International Grade Umpire

             World Bowls Technical Official   (ITO)        National Umpires Examiner


                                                                 Mr V. Perry


                                                      International Grade Umpires

                                                     South East Area Umpires Examiner


        Mr I. Gilbert. (S.E.A.U.E)       020-8568-0928


                                                            National Grade Umpires


                        Mrs C. Holmes         Mrs R. McDonald

                        Miss M. Green                  Mr R. Eden 

                                                                                                                    Mr D. Stanford                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


                                                            Regional  Grade  Umpires


               Mrs M. Curry             Mrs A. Martel 

Mrs A. Simpson         Mr T Ward

          Mr L. Reisman           Mrs J. Elkin   


                                                           EBUA   Trained   Markers


       Mr J. Benson                  Mr D. Blackley           Mrs S. Broad             Mr M. Cooper

       Mr. A.J. Charlwood      Mr K. Robinson          Mrs T. Watkinson    Mr P Brown

       Mr C. Williams              Mr J. Wood                 Mr A. Turner            Mrs M. Ayling

       Ms W.Bayley                  Mr A. Charlwood        Mr B.Grewcock        Miss W. Grzegoprczyk

       Mr P. McWilliams         K. Robinson                 K. Robinson               Mrs D.Rooks

       Mr R.Rooks                    Mr P.G. Sheldon          Mr A. Turner            Mrs T.Watkinson

       Mr C. Williams               Mr D. Winny               Mr J.Wood




             Mr L. Lucas            Mr J. Hammond